About Us


is a group of young adults, which was composed by Flavio Meyerhans and Pedro Carreira in Summer 2017. We believe in knowledge through practice and experience, rather than in knowledge through theory. Therefore, we will grow as a unit as time passes and challenges us with various tasks
and projects.

„FuckSeriousPeople“ is just one out of many interpretations of „FSP“.

With “FuckSeriousPeople” we want to tell everyone that in our opinion nobody should be fully
serious, since people that are too serious tend to be stubborn. There will always be times where even we will have to be serious, but we will always embrace future challenges with the desire of having fun and growing through having fun instead of taking it on fully serious, because that’s the point where our brand would make no sense.

We are open for collaborations or communications in general with customers, fans, other brands etc.

Flavio Meyerhans

CEO / Designer

Pedro Carreira